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[   ]1830's Rev. Edmund F. Ely and early Protestant Missions in Lake Superior Country (manuscript written 1932) - Ely's son, Franklin W. Ely, would be one of the founders of Duluth's First Presbyterian Church in 1869 .pdf 55M
[   ]1889 Description of Lake Avenue Church and Review of Church History - Newspaper (source Unknown) .pdf1.6M
[   ]1896.01.25 25th Anniversary Program .pdf2.2M
[   ]1896.01.25 William Starkweather Woodbridge, a history of Pilgrim's first 25 years, most important descriptive history of Pilgrim's early period and 25th anniversary celebrations .pdf 17M
[   ]1896.01.27 Fascinating and detailed description of Pilgrim's 25th anniversary celebration in the Duluth Evening Herald .pdf 26M
[   ]1921 PCC Fiftieth Anniversary Hisotry .pdf 13M
[   ]1946.01.18 Henrietta Barnes Field Reminiscences .pdf3.7M
[   ]1946 PCC Seventy-fifth Anniversary Hisotry .pdf8.3M
[   ]1961.01.18 90th Anniversary History by John Dickerson .pdf2.9M
[   ]1971 PCC Centennial Anniversary Hisotry .pdf8.4M
[   ]1995 PCC 125th Anniversary Hisotry .pdf 13M