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[SND]2007.5.6 Sunday Service (segment) with untitled Sermon by Charlotte Frantz and Communion .mp3 38M
[SND]1999.10.3_ Ordination Service for Matthew Fitzgerald .mp3 72M
[SND]1995.8.30 Sunday Service at Bath Central Reformed Church in Argyle Street with Duluth Pilgrims present and Introduction by Lauri and Steve Cushing .mp3 84M
[SND]1989.3.19 Palm Sunday service with music commissioned for Pilgrim, composed and performed under the direction of Daniel Pinkham .mp3 24M
[SND]1985.3.31 Rev. Jack Fitzgerald Funeral Service .mp3 26M
[SND]1982.11.28_ Sunday Service Bach Cantata No. 61 (directed by Dan Jaeckel) Royal Shepard .mp3 23M
[SND]1979.5.16 Retirement Party for Dorothy Belt with comments by Mary Van Evera, Bill Hafaker, Ada Thomas, Ray Baker, Royal Shepard, Brandon Southworth, Elsie Jean Austin, Joan Morrison, Dorothy Belt and others .mp3 52M
[SND]1976.5.2_ Bicentenial Service Royal Shepard "Is God a Yankee Fan?" (Ted Harwood, Lector) .mp3 34M
[SND]1976.3.28 Sunday Service Royal Shepard "A Special Kind of Courage" .mp3 68M
[SND]1964.1.1 Pilgrim Choir Music .mp3 27M